Matthew G White
Professional Land


White Land Surveying aims to provide the full scope of Land Surveying services, including:

  • ALTA ACSM Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Property Line Determinations
  • Property Corner Locations
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Construction Layouts
  • Oil and Gas Well Suveys
  • Minor and Major Subdivisions
White Land Surveying provides ALTA ACSM Surveys for any client that requests such. ALTA ACSM surveys are a more in depth type of survey that requires more intense research through Title Searches, County Courthouse Records and Client Knowledge of the subject parcel. They also include a in depth field survey where the surveyor needs to be aware and locate any visible improvements (on or close to the subject parcel), easements (above or below ground) and any possible encroachments. They also require a certain set of guidelines that must be followed in order to be considered an ALTA ACSM Survey. Usually larger corporation and area business sites require such an in depth survey.

White Land Surveying provides Boundary Surveys which are your more common surveys.  Boundary Surveys provide all the information that is needed in most property transfers from one person the next.  They also require in depth research through Title Searches, County Courthouse Records and Client Knowledge.  The field work is done to locate all visible improvements on the parcel and to locate such improvements in comparison to the Property Lines. Maps are drawn based on the field work and give a visual as to where your parcel is located and how the improvements are situated on that parcel. All property corners are marked with different colored flags and markers to show the physical location of such corners.

White Land Surveying provides Property Line Determinations. Property Line Determinations are the case where 1 or more Property Lines are being disputed or just really have no clue as to where they are. We can find 1 or more Property Lines as requested.  After determining such line or lines it is usually recommended that extra stakes and or flags be set along such line or lines to help in the future.  In some cases though a Boundary Survey is pretty much required to determine 1 or more Property Lines because in your deed all of your Property Lines are tied together in some way and to figure out 1 line you need them all. This can be discussed prior to any work being done.

White Land Surveying provides Property Corner Locations. This is where a client lost track of a certain Property Corner or Corners.  We can find and locate such corner or corners and field verify such.  This also includes setting new Property Corners for "cutting" out a lot to either sell or to keep for a future house site or whatever the case may be.  This usually involves the client at the location to physically show the new Property Corner Location.

White Land Surveying provides Topographical Surveys.  Topographic Surveys show with elevations the contours of the ground itself (how the ground really looks).  If a parcel of land is going to be improved with new buildings or parking lots and new additions to existing buildings Topographic Work may be needed or even requested by your Architects or Engineers that may be designing such additions.  Topographic Surveys are also needed in certain drainage issues.  Along roads and driveways Topographic Surveys can show by the contours where certain culverts may be placed to help get the water away from a certain area.  We provide maps that are drawn from the field work of the parcel that show all improvements and all proposed new improvements.

White Land Surveying provides Construction Layout.  The type on Construction Layout we provide is the location of houses in comparison to building code setback lines or other determining location factors. This means if you are building a new house and need to be 10 feet off a certain line we can use the building drawings and our computer programs to "fit" the building on the lot as to conform to all building line setbacks.  

White Land Surveying provides Gas and Oil Well Location Surveys.  This is a survey that is used in acquiring a permit to drill a certain well. They show the location of the intended well and where it is in comparison to existing wells either Oil or Gas or even Water Wells.  They also show the bounds of the lease in which the Well is to be drilled.

White Land Surveying provides Minor and Major Subdivision drawings and layout.  Minor Subdivisions are your more typical subdivision.  This is where a person subdivides off 1 lot to transfer to another person. They are usually determined in the field as to where they are and how big of a lot they want.  Major subdivisions are when an individual purchases and parcel of land with the intent to get as many lots out of it as they can.  This usually requires a large amount of research in the property itself as well as the areas guidelines and zoning laws.  If all is in order a person may subdivide in many manor he or she wants as long as the guidelines and laws are followed. We can then do the proper field work and draw the proper maps to show such subdivision and if the client approves of the maps it is recommended to stake out the lots.  This way when a certain buyer wants to see "LOT-20" he can go to the site and physically see the lot.